It Clicked Instead of Vroomed

We had a day of boating planned with some friends, and wanting to make sure everything was in good working order, I went out to the boat, put the ear muffs on the motor, turned on the water and went to start the boat to let it run for a bit.

Upon turning the key, I heard a click, and then nothing.  Turned it again, click, then nothing.  Maybe the battery had drained during the week, so I put the battery on the charger and let it charge a bit.  Before long it was indicating the battery was at full charge.  Again, click.

I looked around and smelled a burnt electrical smell near where the starter motor is.  I had no idea as to how long that particular starter had been installed, so it was entirely possible the starter had gone bad.

Some initial investigation made it immediately apparent that the starter on a 5.7 Mercruiser engine is probably in the worst possible place to work on, and would not be a job I would be looking forward to.

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